Outdoor banana trees. Fig. Botanical Name: Pseudophoenix sargentii. In this chart you can contract and expand USDA Plant Cold Hardiness Zone columns, depending on your zone preference. Pseudophoenix sargentii. Hardiness Zones. ; Cocos vinifera (Mart.) They disappear in winter, for a better flourish in spring! Urban Design Nursery Growing Selection Planting Pruning ... Prunus sargentii Prunus sargentii 'Accolade' Prunus sargentii 'Columnaris' Prunus serotina ... Pseudophoenix sargentii Pseudotsuga menziesii Pseudotsuga menziesii 'Fastigiata' The swollen trunks on mature specimens vary in shape - and the subspecies saonae develops a heavier trunk than sargentii. Arums. Distribution: Native to, Mexico, U.S.A, Turks and Caicos Islands. Pseudophoenix sargentii The Cherry Palm (after the fruit) Description : Locality: Florida Keys, Cuba, Caribbean and Mexico. Wedelia Trilobata, Wedelia. Buccaneer Palm Tree has a self cleaning trunk and is very easy to grow. View this image below in landscape mode highly recommended. Work in progress Species Information currently being revised! Cook) Read var. When you buy from Real Palm Trees, you can expect the very best quality. Name Phone City Size Other info; Casey's Corner Nursery & Landscaping (305) 248-7284: Homestead _ 300: Sweet Bay Nursery (941) 776-0501: Parrish: 3g: 109 Mart. Hardiness Zone State Trees. 3245. Why not join me on this plant hunting expedition to Taiwan in October 2020. Related Sites. Synonyms. thick: lvs. saonae (O.F. Pseudophoenix sargentii: The Cherry Palm is slow growing. ... Pseudophoenix sargentii. navassana (Ekman ex Burret) Read Classification Click on a scientific name below to expand it … See USDA MAP Link on Hardy Palm Trees Home Page. Cabbage Palm 8a-11 H 40' Florida’s state tree. Pseudophoenix sargentii Information. Trees were cut down and the pith extracted, especially from the swollen portion of the stem. Usually grows in relative proximity to the sea in limestone or sandy soils. Larry R. Noblick, Ph.D., Collections Manager, Montgomery Botanical Center. Native to Florida and Caribbean Islands, Buccaneer is a small palm variety with a notable appereance. The Buccaneer Palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii) probably would be utilized much more often if it were not for its very slow rate of growth. A native of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, the buccaneer palm is notable for extremes...drought-tolerance, salt-tolerance and a growth rate slow as molasses. Landscape-sized specimens are often very expensive, as a plant this slow-growing must be tended for 5 to 10 years at the nursery, … The hardiness of most of these plants will stun you! long, bright green above, glaucous beneath, folded backward at the very base: spadix appears from among the lvs. Top photo courtesy University of Florida-IFAS. Plant Communities: Check with local professional . Real Palm Trees, is more than just a name, it's a commitment to providing our customers with the finest selections of real palm trees. R eal Palm Trees, is an exclusive palm tree broker; we provide only the finest selection of palm trees. Pseudophoenix vinifera (cacheo, katié) is a palm species endemic to Hispaniola.. abruptly pinnate, 4-5 ft. long; pinnae lanceolate, acuminate, 12-16 in. ex Sarg. Pseudophoenix sargentii, Pseudophoenix saonae, Pseudophoenix vinifera Family: Arecaceae / Palmae Buccaneer Palm, Cherry Palm. These last two photos show one of three extremely robust specimens of P. sargentii ssp. This is a native Florida plant. high, 10-12 in. Indoor banana trees. Likes full sun and to be put in the ground. and Associate Researcher, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, FL «Back to "Predicting Hardiness in Palms" «Back to BG-Map Hardy Palm Page Buccaneer Palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii): Buccaneer palm is native to seacoast areas throughout the Caribbean, from Florida and Mexico down to Central America. Range of average annual minimum temperatures: Zone 3 (-35 F) (-37 C) IN HARDIER PALM SPECIES. Like many plants native to areas with sandy or rocky soil, it's slow to mature. ... Hardiness zones 10a-11. Sap was extracted and fermented. Buccaneer Palm grows best in Full Sun. Mar 5, 2019 - Pseudophoenix sargentii, commonly known as the Florida cherry palm or buccaneer palm, is a medium-sized palm native to the northern Caribbean, eastern Mexico, and extreme southeast Atlantic Florida Pseudophoenix sargentii is usually near the sea on sandy or limestone soils. Oct 19, 2012 - Buccaneer Palm, Pseudophoenix sargentii, a south Florida native. Alocasia. Slow growing and smaller in scale than most. Pseudophoenix Sargentii, Buccaneer Palm. ssp. Reference: Condition: New product. This extremely slow growing palm is perfect for small gardens. sargentii Show All Show Tabs Florida cherry palm Pseudophoenix sargentii. The palm grows in a ringed truck fashion to 26 ft tall and up to 11 inches in diameter, often slightly swollen. Very attractive and tropical looking palm. H.Wendl. Will this plant grow in my area? sargentii at a private residence on Sanibel Island, Florida. Hardiness Zones: Check with local professional . TABLE 1 - HARDINESS OBSERVATIONS. 10a to 11. Montgomery Palm Description: Pseudophoenix sargentii is known for it's, ornamentally ringed and swollen trunk and cherry-like fruit, and also for being one of the slowest growing palms. TABLE 2 - HARDINESS OBSERVATIONS. Pseudophoenix sargentii H. Wendl. Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture Pseudophoenix sargentii, Wendl. When I say slow, I mean slow. 18. PSEUDOPHOENIX sargentii (6 ft to 2 ft) killed by 19f low (Melbourne); survived 25f low (Daytona) basically undamaged. Seedlings breed true to parents in exhibiting the robust form, even when grown elsewhere. This palm loves warm tropical weather and is not cold hardy. IN PALM SPECIES. It's notably wind-resistant - an important asset in Uses. ; main and secondary branches light yellow-green and flattened: fr. A palm that is native to the Florida Keys, the Bahamas and our very own Turks and Caicos. Canna. Yard Conditions. Also known as Singapore Daisy, Creeping Oxeye or Trailing Daisy, Wedelia is in the sunflower family. ex Sarg. Euterpe vinifera Mart. ; Gaussia vinifera (Mart.) Rare. There are 5 comparison charts, this is the fourth of five charts. Tolerance of salty Pseudophoenix sargentii winds, drought and a variety of soils makes this palm well suited for coastal plantings. Pseudophoenix sargentii H. Wendl. Pseudophoenix Species, Buccaneer Palm, Cherry Palm, Wine Palm Pseudophoenix vinifera. and Associate Researcher, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, FL «Back to "Predicting Hardiness in Palms" «Back to BG-Map Hardy Palm Page Known for its extreme hardiness and slow growth rate. Leaf type: Pinnate (feather shaped). Araceae. Jun 16, 2017 - Pseudophoenix sargentii - Buccaneer or Sargent's Cherry Palm PlantMaps.com allows users to locate and map interesting trees and plants in their area with a focus on cold hardy or exotic plants growing outside of their native or safe range. It is a good tree to grow near the house and doesn’t demand any special care. Optimal Light. View larger. Minimal Survival Temps for the US. Known By Other Names. This dense ground cover can be invasive, and will form a mat that blooms profusely. Traveler's palms. Cold tolerance to 28 degrees. I have 6 sargentii's,2 ekmanii's,1 lediniana,and 1 vinifera in the ground in Mesa,Arizona.The plants seem to thrive under our conditions if a little protection to the trunk can be provided from direct sun. The Buccaneer Palm Tree, scientific name Pseudophoenix sargentii, is a truly collectors palm. 34 35 NATIVE FLORIDA SPECIES Buccaneer Palm 10b-11 H 10' Small specimen or accent palm with a stout, ringed trunk, a canopy of 8-10 blue-green leaves and produces clusters of bright red fruits. Alpinia. But, because of its unique bulging trunk, silver colored crown shaft, and gorgeous overall appearance, it is worth the wait. Trunk slender, 20-25ft. Cold Hardiness: 26-28s, F. Trunk type: Bulging slightly, gray-brown color with rings, single trunk, crownshafted. Plant Name: Pseudophoenix sargentii Plant Family: Arecaceae Origins: Tropical Islands Height: 25 Feet Cold Hardiness: 10-11 This palm has a couple unique features. Compiled by. On the other hand, it lives longer than most palms, and survives tougher conditions. Larry R. Noblick, Ph.D., Collections Manager, Montgomery Botanical Center. Widely distributed from the Florida Keys, down thru Mexico to Belize, and Cuba and the Bahamas. Open most days, but require that you call at least one hour ahead of your visit. Pseudophoenix vinifera was used in the past of palm wine production. Compiled by. Will this plant grow in my yard? ssp. ex Sarg. Sargent's Palm Geographical Considerations. Masks and social distancing of 6 to 10 feet is also in force. Show All Show Tabs Florida cherry palm Cold Hardiness: USDA Zones 9b – 11 Bottle Palm Tree – Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Common Name: Bottle Palm Cold Hardiness: USDA Zones 10a – 11 Buccaneer Palm Tree – Pseudophoenix sargentii Common Name: Cherry Palm, Sargent’s Cherry Palm, Palma de Guinea Cold Hardiness: USDA Zones 10a – 11 Cabbage Palm Tree – Sabal palmetto Pseudophoenix sargentii. It has a slightly swollen, waxy, ringed trunk; a waxy crownshaft; and arching, dark grey-green, very leathery, pinnate leaves. Pseudophoenix sargentii H. Wendl. Pseudophoenix sargentii FLORIDA CHERRY PALM, SARGENT'S CHERRY PALM Arecaceae : Plant type: evergreen palm Hardiness zones: 9-11 Sunlight: hot overhead sun to warm low sun Soil Moisture: dry between watering to constantly moist Soil: ordinary soil, enriched soil, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b View the UK and US zone maps.