If you are concerned about the resale value of your house and want something that will have mass appeal, a neutral grout color is better. Choosing lighter colors blends your design together. Thanks! A darker grout would make that same tile feel more subdued. The contrast between a bright tile and a light grout really pops and gives homes a cheerful air. to exhibit some discoloration and shading and this can be true of grout. 5. It gives it a more subdued look that many prefer. Another way to give a classic tile a modern twist is with a contrasting color in a current hue. This is somewhat a matter of taste, but if you have a variegated tile with several shades, you have several options to choose from for grout color. Grout 411. The grout was light grey, so it looks darker against the white and lighter against the grey tiles. Then we had to work so we didn't mist again. My favorite reason for dark grout is the ease of cleaning. Is this something that is hard to do or could I do it myself. Choosing grout color should be guided by your taste and your design. 2. Make sure to take a look at some of these other awesome resources before you go! All you need to do is dilute the bleach, scrub away, and rinse it off. Then decide on lighter or darker. 5. What color grout does Joanna Gaines use with white subway tile? New grout that is discolored with dark or dirty looking spots, a result of the installer adding too much water to the grout and then let it sit in the bucket to thicken up. What is the Effect of Oven Cleaners on Kitchen Countertops. If you don’t want your tile to be the focus of your room, a light grout works well. You can try using a grout enhancer over the grout and tile to darken the grout, but immediately buff dry the tile and grout surface with a lint free cloth. Whether grout should be darker than tile or not depends heavily on style preference and where your tile is located. Typically it is difficult to lighten your tile grout. Use silver or grey grout with your tiles. If the color is a darker shade, this also lets it look more seamless, much like light tile and light grout. Some experts recommend shades that are neither dark nor super light. The shade you pick relies on what you are trying to accomplish in your design. For more information on what grout type you should use, click here! And that is all dependent on the following: - The overall look & feel you would like to achieve. If you hate cleaning grout as much as I do, dark grout won’t stain as badly or show as much dirt in general! Darker colors create a more dramatic effect. Lighter grout also gives a bigger pop when you have colorful tile. I think that should be fine. youtube. We then went to bed and the next morning (6 or 7 hours later) we misted again. Near a garage is a very poor place for a light grout, giving the risk of grease and motor oil staining your grout. A darker grout can also stain the tile if the tile is too porous. Stephanie . Pick a grout either one shade lighter or darker than the tile to bring everything together into one bigger picture. Keep in mind that you can really only go from light to dark when changing color. However, when you use light grout with a darker tile or a dark grout with a lighter tile, the effect is quite different. SHOULD GROUT BE DARKER OR LIGHTER THAN THE TILE? The grout may be light color because too much water was used in mixing or cleaning it up so it pulled out the pigment or maybe it is because it dried at a different rate where it is lighter. You still have the option of sealing lighter grout colors to protect your grout from becoming stained and dirty, which should be considered in high-traffic areas. Consultant to Engrs, Govt & Contractors. For example, dark grout color can hide stains, discolorations, and dirt better than lighter grout, but can fade over time from direct sunlight and the use of improper cleaners. Virtual Catalogs. (Even through the teenage years…Yuck!). But slip-resistant wood look tile is perfect for the shower. This is especially true for boys! Grout doesn’t have to match your tile, it can be darker. This will make the room appear much bigger. The difference with all-white or all-light tile and grout is that it will be less forgiving to stains and discolouration, so will take more care to keep it looking pristine. Real wood in a shower is crazy. Grout colorant is a waterborne epoxy that is applied to grout after it has become dirty and discolored. Choosing a gray grout that is close in value to the tile will allow the grout to fade into the background, which creates an uninterrupted color statement. In fact, it can be tricky to get an exact match. To get a close match, look at grout samples rather than relying on the color represented on the packaging or the color of the grout in the package. The fastest way to get your grout lightened is to sand down grout or use a grout colorant, but that is not exactly feasible for most people that just want to get a slightly lighter shade of color. Community Experts online right now. If I were remodeling, which is not going to happen, I’d use subway tile in the shower. does flooring look darker or lighter after its layed. High-traffic areas prone to stains will do better with a darker grout. If you want less maintenance of your grout, darker tends to be better. If you can’t match exactly to a light tile, it’s better to go a tone darker than lighter. Darker grout can produce efflorescence that will need to be cleaned and removed,” says Walker. Use a darker grout against a light tile in areas where you want the pattern or tile design to pop. A gray tile with a grout that is similar in shade or just a bit darker will let you have a subdued look that doesn’t completely hide the design of the tiles. One benefit of light grout colors is that they will not fade over time, however, they don't hide dirt as well as darker shades. Sunlight. The short answer: there are no hard and fast rules. Keep in mind that with existing grout, you get the best results when changing to a darker color. However, if your grout has a bold color (like a bright red or blue), your best options are to use a grout colorant or to replace the grout… Some products claim to be grout stains but are really just paint. If you are concerned about the resale value of your house and want something that will have mass appeal, a neutral grout color is better. But probably keep the hex tile on the floor because it has held up so well. There are two solutions. 5 years ago. Grout is your friend. Darker grout colors are less likely than lighter colors to stain, but they can fade quicker due to sun exposure. 3 years ago. Expecting the lighter color helps you choose a grout that matches your vision. If you have lighter tiles and do a darker grout, it’s a fun focal point for a good conversation piece in your home.