Neither of you seem to get my point so I’ll try to explain it once again. There was a time when kids enjoyed being kids. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This can result in such issues as low self-esteem, depression, etc. somebody help with a comprehensive chunnel and upstanding biblical verses…, This is what we talked about in our church today I saw it and I could not just let it go, Your email address will not be published. you made people for the market. Free daily devotions and articles on teen life topics for teens, youth, youth groups, and youth ministry. I could probably write a book on the innumerous shortcomings of the American government. Not a complaint , just wonder if its like my opinion or actually grounded in data? I think you forget that the church is a school. Let me clarify my position on this issue. Which, unless you smoke just about every day of your life, won’t really happen. Honestly though, it’s funny to see the correlation between good parenting and the lack of violence. The Gospels – General Topics – Youth Sermons (See Also Christmas and Easter Sermon Ideas) Helping youth understand the basic background, theology, and concepts in the Gospels will create a basis for better understanding Jesus’ ministry and teaching. SDMT discusses these & more issues at our annual summit. That’s not what he or she is trying to imply. The teacher is usually in charge of making the students stand up. For him Mother’s always lie. I have read the article it is informative to some extent. Symptoms to watch for: 1) Anxiety and depression related to appearance, 2) Obsessing over a single perceived flaw in appearance, 3) Spending excessive time looking in mirrors, 4) Excessive grooming and exercise, 5) Anorexia, and 6) Bulimia. Top Creators. Without producing goods ourselves in any great capacity, how can we compete with foreign nations who have no unions and little worker rights who will work 10-12 hour days for pennies on the dollars of what American workers demand? There are so many other skewed perspectives that children/young teens are taking on and it seems that the internet is the perfect breeding ground for it. Wow did you really not mention “population” and “environment”?? Hope to see your responses soon. Now, we are in decline. We are not “going to hell in a handbasket,” as some would say. 3) Most kids talk about suicide just to get attention, so it’s best to ignore it when it comes up. You could’ve wrote this 10 years ago and it’d be the same. My daughter watched me struggle and sacrifice to make sure she didn’t have to go without. I am blown away by the fact that kids are dealing with these issues, but we have church ostriches with their heads in the sand. Christ should be our focus. I’m just wondering if these are your personal opinions or based on surveys or research? In fact, youth today will graduate from college with multiple degrees and still cannot find work that pays enough to sustain a decent lifestyle. I like this list a lot. Where I live, youth pastors have to get at least 5 of those topics approved by the church leadership AND THEN get written permission from all of the parents to speak on these things. Yes, I raised my daughter alone, and she turned out to be a fantastic human being. This is my take on todays situation. but think about it , other nations where people are together despite their problems – do you think you have bigger brains than them?. Rick is the longtime editor of Group Magazine, general editor of The Jesus-Centered Bible, and author of The Jesus-Centered Life. Truth is parents can only do so much, dumb kids are going to do dumb things regardless of what “era” we live in. So with that said, I hope to see women, men, and children taking steps to be more of themselves and less of what they think people would want them to be. I totally blame parents for not installing, manners, compassion and respect in their children. Though I do recognize that this is a problem that our society is facing today, I have a solution that could, in the long run, cut that percentage down drastically. We have a mentality of getting what we want and when we want it that has been ingrained in us since childhood. Our kids are fat and getting fatter. This means that nearly 50% of our children are living in poverty. All I’m saying is that your choice of title is a little misleading to me as an Irish person. Check out this website. In any case, His focus is on growing wheat, not pulling weeds—He asks us (in the parable) to leave that to Him. If any one of you have any thoughts in your mind regarding this then kindly let me know. We can choose to drink, do drugs and have sex without protection, or we can choose to be responsible. No matter how good you think your youth are, this is truly the most likely representation of the secret life of the american teenager, regardless of demographic. A proud single parent. I won’t be labeling my site as US only because we don’t publish US only lists. We must teach them how to see God everywhere, and remind them of the two most important commandments: love God and love your neighbor. Students need practical biblical wisdom on how to deal with them. In many instances, especially in low income, urban settings, schools can be a war zone. Wow, you really see the loss of “national pride” as the biggest problem the future generation will have to deal with? This equates to fewer opportunities for such vital necessities as education. For example every student has been taught in school “be nice” or “make lots of friends” or “be social ” and most importantly “join the group”. Just to cover basic expenses for a family of four you would need to have a salary of $45,000. I have just one issue with your take on drugs and alcohol. Yes teach the Bible, but bring it to where the kids are. If thats not proof of a motivation to improve flaws, I dont know what is. I am an american citizen…does that mean i cannot criticize what is happening in my country??? Reply. Well this is all just dreck. But we must teach our youth that our God is a living God who can still speak to us and be involved in our lives. And you can’t pray for hours on end that you will lose 100 pounds. Parents need to raise their kids, not just say “I can’t do anything in these times”. Unfortunately, that’s not real communication. No comments. This equates to 21% of all children … My mother taught me the value of not only money, but the value of hard work, of being a truly good person, and for standing up for what’s right. Sometimes the greatest successes come through the hardest moments. A good education (in comparison with a bad one) will provide a child with an increased chance of taking advantage of opportunities to be successful in life. The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) is the international coordinating body of national youth councils and organisations. True but this change gradually happened because we have grown further and further from Christ. America really sucks dude…most of these issues that are faced by Americans are self-inflicted…i guess they are paying the price for their high-handedness in the last few decades…inspite of these misfortunes, the USA goes around creating monsters around the world like the Tabliban, Al Queda, Saddam Hussein (to name a few), to achieve their own selfish political purposes…more often than not these monsters renege against their creators and wreck havoc…then the american government spends billions of taxpayers money trying to destroy its own frankenstein like creations…. They can survive without video games, but the same can’t be said about food or shelter. By the time they reach their senior year, half of all teenagers have abused an illicit drug at least once. I think when we speak out on these topics, it gives students confidence to speak out also. You could write it in 10 years and it’d be the same. It’s commendable that you were able to beat the odds but for every success story such as yours there are countless others who cannot say the same. Anxiety, ADHD, the promise of an “escape hatch” from reality, the opportunity to “become someone else” online, and kids who struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. Instead of enjoying the moment, they want to show how happening their life is. Are we to remove YM from churches? its rediculous. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents. Dumb. She has never done drugs, broken the law, and has never been pregnant. Almost 70% are in the United States. ESL Conversation Lesson Questions: Free classroom handouts. And you think the worst issue youth is facing today it’s erosion of ‘American’ identity/pride??? the problem i face is getting my kids to relax and open up , because of their ethnic beliefs they consider all this taboo, i also have a pressing issue of rape that is a very frightening reality and a very casually overlooked issue. I know that isn’t something that’s all across the board… Not everyone is like that and many are legitimately poor. Thanks for the post. And we’re doing everything we can to equip ministry leaders and volunteers to do best what matters most—loving God and loving others. Such a fact that allot Youth Groups are running from. Drunk driving, poor grades and attendance, anti-social and violent behavior and the list goes on. @ Christoph aJeffcoat One is where the teacher has provided a list from where you pick one topic. They would not necessarily need to have a college education to survive. I really feel blessed & burdened at the same time … the parents of the kids I am blessed to minister to … DO NOT CARE … what their kids are doing as long as they are out of their way. I completely agree with all of these factors. Are they just craving drama? They no longer think its possible for them to be truly great and forever help change history. Being an American citizen does not give you the freedom to put blinders to reality. That is this: Don’t have sex until after you are married! From tips on how to make your lessons stick to free ideas to try, we’ll help you create the messages that guide the process of changing your teenagers from the inside out. America doesn’t produce anything of value anymore. 3) Teenagers who report meeting strangers or threatening people online. Christian youth are among those who are facing the greatest challenges in our country. Our prayer is that through the salvations of these students … their families will be saved. As we’ve noted, it’s best to write about what affects or interests you – if you care about the … America sold itself out when it moved production overseas. ?Thank You! You rank “Erosion of National Pride/Identity” as #1? Listen to the best live radio stations in Dallas, TX. As an experiment I searched a few variations of “whats wrong with our society” and “our society” to see what other peoples views were on the subject. Just a few questions for the author. Seven ways Christian girls (and guys) can respond to insults, gossip and false rumours. Previous to this, sure you had kids drinking – but it wasn’t something that could be considered a cultural norm at the time and drugs were definitely looked upon as taboo. The concept of “earning” what you get or the idea that something “you don’t need” seem to have been lost and discarded. people now a days do not think outside the box, and if they do, they are too afraid to express themselves, too worried about being labeled as weird or wrong or not cool. Disabilities. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), that poverty is the single greatest threat to children’s well-being. This is the list of all Group Discussion topics written on this site. The federal poverty level is $22,050 for a family of four. I’m not suggesting you write lists appropriate to Turkmenistani people. 7 Urgent Issues to Challenge in Your Youth Group! Other issues are new trends as society begins to adapt to a faster pace of life. Youth culture is culture that emerges amongst children, teenagers and young adults. it’s just you and me. What if you did a workshop and made it available to the parents and students. Youth Culture Today Radio Show: access all the daily radio programs from the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU), helping parents, youth workers, educators, pastors and others understand and reach today's youth culture. Many children raised in single parent homes find themselves at a disadvantage because they only have on perspective on how to live their life. Rather, national pride should be a point of motivation that enables one to thrive to seek solutions for the country’s ills. What drives kids from “normal use” to addiction to the Internet and technology? It set my expectation for the remainder of the article to be American-centric though, and as an American citizen, this didn’t bother me much. Youth Devotional - Every Teenager's Guide To Successful Friendships $ 5.00 Youth Group Discussion Questions - Why You Shouldn't Compromise $ 2.00 Youth Devotional - The Purpose Planner $ … Ragging in Schools and Colleges. Well we could huh? Rather, we should give them a strong, supportive faith, that allows room to explore these difficult topics, that allow for them to confront difficulty rather than run from it. They did that 30 years ago and 20 years ago. too many single means you guys are not compatible with each other. It’s just the problems we are facing now and the world may have not been all sunshine in rainbow twenty years ago or even more but truly we face more problems now. We see these problems as affecting “them” and not “me/us” When we hear that America’s children are the fattest among Western nations, this doesn’t sting. I think for #1 if anything we have too much National Pride at least for some Americans. Since the 1950s. Feel free to add or subtract to fit your youth group needs. Girls are more likely than boys to cyberbully, and boys are more likely than girls to bully face-to-face. I see stuff every day kids do get worse. Teen motor vehicle crashes can be prevented, and statistics indicate that annual teen fatal... Nearly all young people hold at least one job between ages 18 and 25. That is rhetorical, so don’t feel the need to respond. I raised her to realize we all have choices in life. I hope you are not serious. She is smart, graduated on time with honors, and I NEVER pushed her to be perfect. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you embrace feeling offense at something. Not surprisingly, because job opportunities are lessen for dropouts, these two groups have the highest incarceration rates. However, as you noted in your comments it is a very hard job to undertake by yourself, which is the point that I was trying to make. They are still bonded to their home area, their town, neighbourhood, their friends. That is my whole point! Why would you go outside when you have all the things (#6 materialism) you want to play with indoors? I’m not going to apologize for this site or the content. You suggest that we get good education to “compete with foreign markets”, but how can we compete? Suicide. The jobs offered with no experience pay very little with very little room for pay increases. They are facing mounting problems in all aspects of life, including the economy and education due to corruption and lack of leadership in our elected officials. Not a sports illustrated magazine or candy shop per say. Teens today often spend hours playing online games, forming bonds with gamers that they get to know in the virtual world. Especially in todays society of glamour in negativity growing rapidly! I don’t think that I wrote or implied that alcohol and drugs did not affect my generation. Great add Jody. They’ve put a high emphasis on education, Putting pressure on students and family’s hence why it’s the most suicidal country. Poverty. You can’t blame single parent homes on the problems with youths today. For generations, Americans have wanted their cake and to eat it too: low prices on consumer goods while maintaining ever more high-paying jobs. Fortnite, 13 Reasons Why, Snapchat… The shifting currents of culture all play a role in shaping the teenagers you serve, and give you unique opportunities to connect the Gospel to what’s actively forming their identity. I don’t assume that the points of my article apply to the world at large. They need to co-operate and decide together, not one of them decide and the other tell them they’re wrong. Otherwise, it’s an overly general statement that easily offends those who are, in fact, the exception rather than the rule (and yes, I do realize that stereotypes and other generalizations are made based on trends). Or the parents decide that this is their job and refuse permission. These practices are long gone and so is our sense of common destiny. Majority of the youths then learnt respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty and righteousness from a young … Most of it’s appropriate for teenagers but the little fish should have their own baby pool. I’ve been seeing a lot of horrible things on the internet lately. … For example sometimes a community will pull itself together to fix a certain issue like drugs in one region however this approch is sadly lacking since it treats the symptoms but not the cause. While reading the statistics regarding x million single parents, I was indeed surprised to see that the author didn’t mention “in the USA.” Globally, I’m sure this figure is higher. My daughter starts college this fall, business administration. There may be a grain of truth to some of your entries–such as materialism and “shifting economy”–but other than that your article is virtually uninformed, dishonest, and racist. Our kids are literally moving around in an intoxicated daze. That way parents that need some wisdom on these topics can get it, and you aren’t exposing the whole youth group to it. Few people would dispute this well regarded fact. While Asians and Whites enjoy high graduating rates, African American and Latinos continue to lag behind. Parents should need a license in order to have kids, take courses before having kids. Our youth group gets compliments for digging into Biblical concepts based upon the Scriptures. Kids naturally want things –especially if their friends have something similar. I don’t understand why so many people feel the need to claim victim-hood. this helped a lot. Teen Topics. How could you possibly make a top ten list that includes every culture on earth? After reading these debate topics for teens, you’ll realize maybe life isn’t so easy for them. What is the answer? That’s exactly the focuse, by the way, of our fall Youth Ministry Local Training tour—coming to 55 cities around the country. Perhaps a crack head too. Instead our schools should be teaching look at every situation logically and impartially or choose your friends wisely or if someone is being foolish kindly but firmly advise them otherwise. That’s the kind of faith that will survive the youth’s transition to college, much more than scripture memorization ever will. This is especially true since she was doing the job of two. No unauthorized use or duplication permitted. If the child wants something badly enough, they should save up for it until they have enough money, then they should find the item they want for the lowest price without sacrificing the quality, and then check back in a few weeks to see if they actually want the item. Well, this is a call for youth leaders around the world to come together with one voice against satanic devices against the youth, since our Joy is to see them walk in the light, if no one warns them of darkness, how will the rise to fight for what belongs to them. 4) Unhealthy eating patterns, or a high intake of caffeine to stay awake. I will be doing a series on bullying with our students in the near future. A child’s education is the foundation from which he or she will be able to go forth out into the world and build a life. Stream online for free, only on iHeartRadio! You can also filter topics based on your preparation. My gosh. In particular in regards to suicide and that girl Amanda Todd. They are the people full of energy, high ambitions and amazing abilities. Same with education we think we know what lack of education is( if you are sitting at a computer then education and hunger would be most likely not be a problem for you ) Lack of education in many countries means no education at all. I think there should be more kid friendly radio channels. This is not menial or thought of lightly at least should not be. Are you even aware that there are literally millions of English speakers across the globe? Depopulation… Care to elaborate? However, those people are drowned out because of the vast majority of selfish people that think they’re impoverished, but actually aren’t. Focusing too much on simply “don’t do this, don’t do that” easily turns teen’s concept of the Christian faith into rule keeping, based on their misinterpretation. You have GOT to be kidding me! Music is a culprit as well. Today, in the twenty-first century, they promise to transform their nation (and the world) with their new thoughts, actions […] Within the youth today. If I can be even half the mother that she is to me when I decide to start a family, then I will be thrilled. Obama had a speech saying “tonight I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training” because nowadays most job required a post – secondary education. And if they want a job I say we give it to e’m. Most discussions on youth have focussed on issues such as drug abuse, crime, violence, sexuality and poverty. My heart breaks that the students, (approx 70), that attend our Wednesday night program … are from un-churched families. if they are bad that means you didn’t raise them properly to handle life. Then there are the health concerns. Kids are spending more time sitting in front of a TV/computer screen than running around outside. What limited thinking. Muhammad Umair. THAT is the issue. Find long and short essay on Youth in English language for Children and Students. What is one of her class mates doing that was raised in a two parent home? Between a quarter and a third of all U.S. students say they’ve been bullied at school, and one out of eight has experienced cyberbullying in some form. These vices are staples in everyday media. The amour of God is a good study for youth. More than half of LGBTQ teenagers say they’ve been cyberbullied. Teen Topics. The problem is it’s empty pride, it’s the sort of pride that keeps you from dealing with your problems because you are too proud to admit to them. Thinking about it now I’ll probably make a more concerted effort to rank the issues on future lists. In the name of freedom you destroyed that too. Her sister, though, is another story altogether. We must search solutions to bring about better economic conditions and country pride without the separation from our past, where we come from. America is still more conservative than many other nations. No wonder kids are turning to drugs and alcohol (#9). This is a result of our children not being properly educated and guided. Actually, I know for a fact that the points of my list are problems that are indigenous to the United States. And I think that it’s an ignorant and arrogant comment to say that people of your generation didn’t do it in their late teens and early 20’s. In todays society I have noticed an overwhelming abundance of people of all walks of life who have the most disgracefull or idiotic goals simply due to the people and things alot of the general population idolizes. Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. Almost all teenage girls (90 percent) say they’d like to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with weight (of course) at the top of the list. Well. We recognize the grind that can go into weekly lessons, but also believe there’s a few key ideas that will help you thrive rather than just survive. Therefore I am suggesting that a more accurate title would reflect that this article deals only with US problems. 1. Really good , I believe it would change some youth thinking. If every year the Olympics were held, this probably wouldn’t be a problem. The issue at hand is collective though amongst the people affected about how to deal with them. And othets………. She is my hero. Coming up with a current and interesting debate topic can be tricky. you guys do it every BS – and tag it with name freedom. Video games have become important to many teens. Now people with normal weight appears to be the problem! i would be thankful for all the advice i can get so that i can perhaps strike a cord with at least one out of ten kids here. It’s all about starting the conversation and giving a biblical narrative on topics that they are already discussing at school and with friends. I think the media exposure can be regulated by parents though. She never got in trouble, in fact probably kept me out of of trouble. the question should not be on freedom , it should be on what works better and what will not. If they want something, they need to earn it. I’m just trying to fly the flag for your non-US readership that’s all. Schools and Colleges are an integral part of every youngster’s life. Video games, TV, the internet and fast food are partly to blame. She is one of the strongest, most brave people that I know. Failure to complete the procedure leads to disciplinary action and parents threatening to remove their children from youth … I also think starting the conversation first is key. Also maybe you should put a disclaimer on the frontpage stating what you just stated in your post regarding your position as a US site only. It might be worth trying to have a separate gathering for these topics. @Lee Standberry Unless things changed in a few years, the majority of high schoolers might party once a month, maybe, thats a big maybe. And kids who are caught in a cycle of anxiety are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, miss out on important social experiences, and engage in substance abuse. Before nations people identified more for having similar cultural ties. Add your suggestions to the comments. Families would save so much money if they would just wait and not buy their kids something that’s going to go unappreciated in a few weeks anyway. I chuckled later at the image under poverty because, although I can’t be sure, this looks to be an image from a non-American country with six sickly children on a horse-drawn buggy in a dumpster. That is not to say that children in two parent homes don’t experience problems – of course of they do. i dont know where you all live but i see on the side of the road a couple of 10 year old smokin some joints and have been taught to hate. Founded in 1949, WAY has general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and works inclose cooperation with several UN … We are not talking about minor bullying, but rather serious violence. Granted, it may be necessary to have secondary/tertiary incomes if there are multiple children, extreme medical issues or some such. If you are one of them, don’t beat yourself up over it. Thank you so much saints wow i have been reading your comments over and over again and i gained A lot. Essentially, we provide our kids with whatever they want that is within our financial ability to do so. I just think that maybe the title of this article should be changed to “Top 10 Issues Facing The Youth Of The United States Today” as it would be more accurate. Consider this–following your logic, mid-century American life provides us with some kind of national ideal. Phone Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) Address 1703 North Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714 High blood pressure, diabetes and other maladies that is associated with obesity. Yes yes and yes. 3)Force mariage Teens today have it hard. They printed “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the dollar bill starting in the 1950s to further demarcate us from those heathen, godless Commies. Just saying. I really have to personally agree that most of these items would rank within MY picks for a top 10 list of concerns. For example Anxiety, self-esteem and body image. Nonetheless, I think that several of these things can be attributed to any first-world nation. Too much bad is given in the name of modern things. Get rid of the pictures. As a non-US citizen the ‘we’ in the title of this article does not refer to me. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Sounds more like a public school system then an actual church. Psychologically and physically, obesity is an issue that can be resolved with a simple increase in activity and awareness. Do dual incomes not inflate lifestyles? 2) 2nd Progressive Era Why do we continue to raise the debt ceiling rather than reduce our spending? The youth of India, the heirs-apparent of this vast and diverse nation, have contributed effectively towards the process of economic development and social transformation. Look there is nothing wrong with writing about what you know, but don’t assume that your only readers are fellow US citizens. Thats such a joke! I would say also that there is a cumulative effect taking place, with many other secondary issues that add to the overall problems. Youth Essay for Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Girls bully too. 2&3. I’m glad that we are talking about them instead of acting like they don’t exist in the church, because they do. I think our world is in a lot of trouble with the kids of today that will be the future. Hi, So they’d rather not bring them up. If you’re looking for a better job, great! I know plenty of single parents homes that have amazing kids, and even more two parent homes that have problem kids.