Know exactly what's in your dog's food. That said, dandelion is a diuretic, so it’s important that dogs who ingest it have plenty of water to drink. What is a weed or what makes a weed a weed? To dig roots, use a dandelion digger or a sturdy fork. Give a 1/4 teaspoon per 20 pounds twice daily, away from meals if possible. The efficiency of diuresis (the elimination of excess water and systemic waste) can mean the difference between life and death. 0. Chop or break into small, even pieces, roughly 1/4″ across. Many herbalists (including medical researchers, physicians, and veterinarians) claim that when used as a strong tea, dandelion may be as effective as furosemide. Something we, as man, see no purpose for. The liver also plays a critical role in digestion through its production of bile, bilirubin, and certain enzymes. They're believed to be gentle on the kidneys, which is beneficial for many conditions. Additionally, the fructose likely helps to maintain blood sugar levels, while the liver stimulating/diuretic actions of the root improves kidney function and the assimilation of needed nutrients. It includes Alfalfa Herb Powder, Brewers Yeast, Burdock Root, Celery Seeds, Chicory Root, Dandelion Root, Kelp Powder, Nettle Leaf, Pumpkin Seeds and Turmeric. As a result of pharmaceutical diuretic therapy, the body often loses too much potassium – a crucial heart and brain chemical – through the urinary tract. Happy National Weed Appreciation Day! Pet Wellbeing Dandelion Root for Dogs - All Natural Dandelion Root - Dog Liver, Digestive, and Cardiovascular Support - 2oz (59ml): Pet Supplies The flowers of dandelion are known by herbalists to be high in lecithin and to have weak but useful analgesic qualities as well. The liver is the organ responsible for filtering toxins and removing excesses from the body and blood. And while dandelion leaf tea or tincture may help relieve the symptoms of such conditions through a nutritive/diuretic action, the root will work closer to the underlying causes. Use 5g to 30g dried herb infused in 8oz water. Characteristic apoptotic morphology of nuclear condensation and phosphatidylserine flipping to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane of A375 human melanoma cells was observed within 48 hours. Although dandelion has been used successfully in the treatment of liver disease, it is best used at the onset of such conditions; and when adjustments to diet, environment, and the reduction of introduced toxins remains the primary course of therapeutic action. Dandelion Root For Pets. If you have an opportunity to watch a deer as it begins its day of feeding, you will likely see it nibble at a few bitter plants before turning to the forage it prefers. Such imbalances can lead to conditions like chronic constipation which dandelion seems to work well for. by Gerald Pepin, The Canine Nutritionist | Natural Herbs for Dogs | 0 comments. Dandelion Root for Dog Liver Support Support for liver detoxification, healthy digestion, heart health and stable blood sugar. I consider it the best, most nutrient-rich and healthy daily supplement for dogs available anywhere. 37 years experience Dentistry. Dandelion Root forms part of my Best Herbs for Dogs. The “bitter tonic” principle. Such imbalances may be characterized by symptoms such as jaundice, rheumatoid conditions, eczema, dandruff, or chronic constipation. It is also high in lecithin. Dandelion helps with water retention, regulation of blood glucose, upset stomach, urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, liver and loss of appetite. 80% of canine health issues can be improved with healthy food. Life expectancy has been proven greater with fresh food. Bitter tonics have been well-known for centuries in Europe and Asia, where dandelion and other bitter greens are commonly consumed before a meal to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices (this is how the dinner salad was born). You can use dandelion roots fresh for cooking and medicine, or preserve them for later use. Now dandelion root for dogs is even being recommended as a useful canine supplement! Dandelion offers a broad spectrum of medicinal and nutritional applications that can be freely accessed and safely employed by anyone. Cool completely. Safely Using Dandelion Roots For Dogs There are many applications for this common herbal treatment. You need to make sure your dog has ample opportunity to get outside to relieve himself during the day. Among the most commonly associated applications, is how well dandelion works on detoxing your dog’s liver and gallbladder. It might be that like me you suffer from a surplus of dandelions in your garden! Excellent then for your dog’s digestive system! There are no “weeds” in nature, just in our … The dandelion roots should be browned and dried completely through. When you collect dandelion make sure they are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides and dry them first. 3 Scoops Daily. NOTE: If your dog receives conventional pharmaceutical diuretic therapy, see a holistic veterinarian before seeking the dandelion alternative. What dandelion lacks in the auto-immune department it makes up for in the form of powerful nutritive qualities. Grind and use as you would regular coffee, or place 1 heaping teaspoon of ground root in a cup of water, steep for 10 minutes and strain. So sprinkling dandelion through their … Gently boil in 3 pints of water down to 1 1/2 pint, strain, dissolve 1/2 lb.