The husband and wife shall fix the family domicile. Right to residence – A wife has the right to reside in the matrimonial household where her husband resides, irrespective of whether it is an ancestral house, a joint family house, a self-acquired house or a rented house. This will include the properties owned prior to the marriage. Maria, M. (2010). Non-citizens of the Philippines must pay taxes only on property held in the Philippines. Couples commonly own property jointly with the right of survivorship. Property with Right of Survivorship or Held in Trust. 209] Jurado, D. (1999). Both parties also have equal rights to the common fund. This is most common for the marital home. 2. Article 111 states that the wife has exclusive management rights with regard to property belonging to her exclusively (11). The ownership rights to streedhan belong to the wife, even if it is placed in the custody of her husband or her in-laws. The biggest is whether the property inherited by the husband, who is a former Filipino citizen, will form part of the property regime that he has with his wife. You failed to mention, however, whether you entered into any property relation when you contracted your marriage, so we presume that the regime of Absolute Community of Property shall be applied to your situation. The separation-in-fact between husband and wife shall not affect the regime of absolute community or conjugal partnership, if without judicial approval. The Global Property Guide reports that taxes are paid on the remainder of a deceased person's estate after losses, debts and expenses are deducted from the estate. Conjugal Partnership of Gains of Properties dictates that properties acquired before the union are exclusively that of the buyer, where any property purchased or built by the husband during his singlehood is exclusively his. This property regime pools the property of the husband and the wife together into one common fund. Civil Law Reviewer. THE marriage of a foreigner and his Filipino spouse was declared null and void by the court. Further, it determines whether this transfer can take place outside the probate process. In case of disagreement, the court shall decide. References: Family Code of the Philippines [Executive Order No. Quezon City: Rex Printing Company, Inc. Sta. The ownership of property determines how the property transfers upon death. refuses to live there without jus t cause shall not have the right to be supported. Article 147 stipulates that assets acquired during cohabitation without marriage are jointly owned, and can be encumbered or disposed of by … Art. Following the nullity of the marriage, the foreigner filed a petition for the dissolution of their conjugal partnership and the distribution of their real properties before the Regional Trial Court. You married your wife in 2010, when the Family Code of the Philippines was already in effect. 3. Under the Family Code of the Philippines, property matters between the husband and wife are set forth in relative detail, e.g., the forms and requisites of a marriage settlement or ante-nuptial agreement, donations by reason of marriage, the “default” property regime of absolute community When married couples decide to go separate says or dissolve their marriage, the property should be equally divided. 69.