biopsy. emergency hysterectomy. Pain during procedure (office LEEP, laser) Recurrence of dysplasia; Leaving residual dysplasia; Bleeding (LEEP 2-10%, Cone 5-15%) Intraoperative; Postoperative; Infection (LEEP 0-2%, Cone .2-6.8%) Bladder injury; Bowel injury; Cervical stenosis (2-8%) Premature labor/cervical incompetence (4.0 - 10.0 fold increase) Post operative persistent pain I had been told at the time of my procedure I would likely not be able to carry a pregnancy to term. "SEER Cancer Statistics Review, My stomach is swollen and bloated and terribly crampy (its Tues now) and when I stand too long it feels like Ive been hit between my legs with a boulder. FLUIDS: 500 cc crystalloid. The results were in and they said i dont have cancer and everything is ok with me.But before i was refered to the cancer center my gynacologist told me after a pap smear test that i have high risk HPV ,endocervical Adenocarcinoma In Situ. I had a cone done on February 14th. its been 4 days since my surgery and 3 days since ive been on antiobiotics. It’s been almost a month now. but just to reassure you all he is fine. 2. This report presents an exceptional case of uterine avulsion following a cold-knife conization, an unprecedented surgical complication of a common gynecological procedure. Papsmears don't help women under the age of 25. Had a cone biopsy in july 2010. Now after I void I get discharge that looks like snot with dark blood clots. Practitioners can use this procedure when there are a conflicting pap smear and biopsy specimen. from the cervix is removed for examination. Everything I have read online seems to suggest that the switching b/c might delay it a few days, and that the other procedures might delay it a month or so... i have to cold knife cone biospy tomorrow this will be my first surgery. "Conization of Cervix." My biggest mistake was watching a video on youtube of the procedure being done on someone else. Meg #2. rite away i had extremely bad cramps the pain pills wouldnt even touch. After the hysterectomy I re-married and have better sex than ever. Is the discharge after suppose to be dark brown.. Looks like booboo? Horrible and smelled bad too. Cold knife conization vs. LEEP. using a carbon dioxide laser (called laser conization). It is becoming an inconvenience to my everyday life. June 28, 2002 [cited March 18, 2003]. I also have cysts on cervix. I'm so scared for the follow up PAP in 3 months. it is bright red fresh blood that is coming out but not so much that I am too concerned. I am urinating alot also. I have been able to go about my normal daily activities, just being a bit more careful with myself. The cervix is the neck-shaped opening at the lower part of the uterus. indicates the presence of abnormal cells. Also, I sometimes pass what looks like bloody tissue when I urinate. Nyirjesy, Istvan. Previous studies have demonstrated that LEEP is simpler and yields short- and long-term results that are identical to those obtained with more aggressive cold knife conization [6,7,8]. Pregnancy outcome after the treatment of loop electrosurgical excision procedure or cold-knife conization for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. But I guess it is for them cause they are not the ones in pain. i started back going to the gym the beginning of august no problems at all no bleeding, I am 30yrs old having hpv/hsil cells in my pap. I had a high grade abnormal pap, but I'm HPV negative. I have skip a month of my period and now I am bleeding for 3 it going to stop? The pains were like labor pains. A number of tests may be performed prior to cone biopsy to determine if But it seems like it’s worst. Preparing for Cold Knife Cone Biopsy. pathologist who specializes in the diagnosis of diseases from microscopic Don't push yourself, rest all the time with the exception of going to the bathroom. I hoped the bleeding has stopped by then and I can resume normal activities soon. (A cold knife conization is a biopsy performed to sample abnormal tissue from the cervix.) FLUIDS: 500 cc crystalloid. I haven't bled any today and I'm wondering, Is this normal? In closer examination of myself (and to flush out the odor), I feel something up there that feels like a scab or a string hanging down about 1", but it is attached. Will it affect me from having kids. I have CIN3 and definitely have heavy bleeding during periods, with lots of pain. A loop It's the clitoris and it's also in our heads!! I have had a cone biopsy done 4 months, before the biopsy i have have had a regular period but after the biopsy, it is only happening every 55 - 70 days ... will it eventually stabilize!? I have just had an Pat smear done 2 weeks ago and 3 days ago just got my biopsy donemy results for my biopsy was negative but my pap smear came back I have HPV positive is there still a risk I can get cervical cancer even though my biopsy came back negative please help me, My doctor just called me that I have to do cone biopsy I'm so scared I read all the message here and I don't know if I wanna do it or not. COMPLICATIONS: None. "All About Cervical Cancer: Overview." PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Cold knife conization. I am 41 years old and have had 4 beautiful children , recently blessed with a grandaughter. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. I feel like its swept under the rug. Five recurrences were observed, one in the cold knife group, two in the LEEP group and two in the laser group (P=NS). Whaited for 4 years, yes very stupid second Pap came back cnn1. Introduction. I haven't had a period since my initial colposcopy in February. The only observed complication was cervical stenosis: zero cases in the laser group, one case in the LEEP group and four cases in the cold knife group (laser versus cold knife: P=0.03; LEEP versus cold knife: P=0.06). I had a conization when I was about 35. and they are graded into 3 stages before the actual diagnosis saying "You have cancer: When the cells determined are already in stage 3 (high grade cells), then the next step for the doctors are to identify if these high grade cells (abnormal cells) are considered cancerous- so under high grade squamous intraepithelial, it is staged if its moderate dysplasia(CIN II), severe dysplasia (CIN III) or carcinoma in situ(CIS). Had Propofol anesthesia, had no issues, woke right up, walked out of surgery center, no cramps, no pain, nothing, also very little spotting. remaining cancer. Pleas answer my question. It's been almost a week and so far I feel just fine =). Santesso N, Mustafa RA, Wiercioch W, Kehar R, Gandhi S, Chen Y, Cheung A, Hopkins J, Khatib R, Ma B, Mustafa AA, Lloyd N, Wu D, Broutet N, Schünemann HJ. I had the cold knife cone biopsy and a D&C done on 12-14-10. i have not seen any blood which is great! I guess I'm stupid. Gina as you are only 21 the odds of you having cervical cancer are about 1 in a million. When you go to the doctor they make it seem to be such a breeze. i woke up and didnt even remember being put to sleep! A cervical cone biopsy is a procedure to remove a cone-shaped piece of tissue from your cervix. i may go back to work tomorrow. (surgical removal of the uterus). I do hope the bleeding stops soon. What ever happens I will never trust another clear smear test result and even though i HATE then i am now resigned to yearly smears for the rest of my life (in the UK women with normal smears are only recommended to have smears every 3years). It has been 4 weeks since I had my CKC done and just stopped bleeding 6 days. Some hospitals have programs that can help or even after billed there are clubs or salvation army services, Family services etc..I had to get surgery there after due to my cervix's sealed up this caused my periods to be irregular and serious cramping like contractions. This is just for the 1st wk after your surgery. higher rates of cervical cancer and an increased mortality rate. I had an extensive loop cone done yesterday for severe CIN 3. I had a cervical colpo/biopsy done 10 days ago. I don't know what to do now,any suggestions? Today 07/15/2010 I'm 42 years old, this was my very first surgery, just had this procedure today at 12 noon,I have stage 2 precancerous cells my surgery lasted 45 minutes. Anyhow all that has helped me is a heating pad which they do not recommend using if you are having heavy bleeding. I will probably go back and get rechecked tomorrow. Especially, in the early morning, the blood dripping down for at least 5 second without stop, the toilet water turn into red. I had a loop done about 4 years ago with very little issue. i was diagnosed with hpv and with high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, with the class of severe dysplasia to carcinoma-in-situ. If they persist to a point where your just dropping them like bombs, call your DR. Go to the ER. i have been having cramps . I am 40yrs old, have only ever had 4 partners, am HPV negative and yet feel terribly embarrassed to talk to anyone about what I am going through - my mothers is always saying women who get cervical cancer deserve to because they are promiscuous and so I have never shared my troubles with her or anyone other than my hysband as I am afraid that they will be as ignorant as my mother and judge me. I got an infection, the bleeding and the discharge stops for a few days and then comes back again. The Good luck to everyone. i am so afraid of the results. The only observed complication was cervical stenosis: zero cases in the laser group, one case in the LEEP group and four cases in the cold knife group (laser versus cold knife: P=0.03; LEEP versus cold knife: P=0.06). National Cancer Institute, I think at this point the hysterectomy would be fine .. anyway I am afraid of tomorrow.. thanks for all the information on everything. Not visible on colposcopy my gynaecologist reckons the CIN was hidden high up in my cervix possibly in the scar tissue of the original loop diathermy and has taken all this time to be found as it spreads so slowly. So i will take these pills. However, it is imperative that the physician rule out cancer unequivocally in the patient with symptoms. if only HPV vaccine would have been discovered loong time ago, maybe all of us could have had prevented us women from having these dreaded disease. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of benefits and harms of cryotherapy, LEEP, and cold knife conization to treat cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. The procedure went fine and my 30 day check-up in April was fine and I was given an all clear to resume my normal life. I had a cone biopsy on August 14/07 and four the past four days the discharge has varied from grey to charcoal in colour. i still have been bleeding heavy. oh and the worse thing of all? A small cone-shaped sample of tissue is removed from the cervix. Does this mena he recently cheated on me? The first loop diathermy was done while I was awake and was a very undiginified painful experience. I think that for women who will not have babies, hysterectomy is the best. Cold knife conization is a surgical procedure that requires regional or general anesthesia. My doctor didn't seem concerned in April - he says the missing period is due to the switching of the birth controls. the anesthesia, infection of the biopsy site, injury to the uterus or Now i'm afraid of the risk after the cone biopsy.I dont know if i will be havng problems of havin kids. A total of nine cesarean sections were performed with two cases for cervical dystocia. Did my gynacololist gave me a wrong result of the pap smear or what? How long should I be bleeding? It has now been almost 5 months since the procedure and all my symptoms and pain is gone from that area. That is very common at your age and that is why Finland which has the lowest cervical cancer rates in the world doesn't start screening until the age of 30. This has helped a little but not much. I am very worried about it. Doc said everything looked good. cancer has spread to surrounding tissues), then other treatments (more Again, thank you, I would not have posted had it not been for the inspiration you gave me... :-). Off work for 2 days, no pain, easy breezy. I started bleeding more and have severe cramps on the right side only and in my back. just had my 2 colospy had abn paps since 2002 just found out i have hp too about to have cone biopsy now however had iud since 2000 wondering if this made the cells progress? What will the results say? Why is a cone biopsy recommended in my case? It is used for the definitive diagnosis of squamous or glandular intraepithelial lesions, for excluding microinvasive carcinomas, and for conservative treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure Instead of Cold-Knife Conization for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Women With Unsatisfactory Colposcopic Examinations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. I'm being scheduled for a cone biopsy and now I'm getting fearful. I looked up what I could find yesterday and it said after vaginal surgery some irritation is normal but I am begining to have my doubts. I'm 26 & just had a cone biopsy done this morning. 11 (November 2001): 1184–9. is this normal can anyone tell me anything. May 23, 2002 [cited March 18, 2003]. I will admit, my husband and I have been together for 12 years and I have never once been pregnant, so is it a lost cause- me holding out in the hopes that I can get pregnant? i haad the cold knife june 4 2012. today is june 6. i go back to work today. tampons, and douches for at least three weeks following the procedure. Of these 28 had been treated with the cold knife, 29 with LEEP and 29 by laser. The bleeding has not stopped. I had a two abnormal paps, a cervical biopsy, a coloscopy, and now the dr says i needa cone biopsy, im very scared. i am to be having this procedure done for the second time, however the firs time i was younger and under my parents insurance therefore the cost was unknown to me, and now i have no coverage and i have been trying to find out the generalized cost of this procedure without coverage, does anyone have a range they could share with me? I had tremendous bleeding and ended in the OR for surgery again the next day.  |  Bleeding during and after cone biopsy is the most common complication. i am scheduled for a ckc 25 april. I just want to give a huge thanks to Ashlee Mitchell, you are one of the only ladies on here that I've noticed continued to post throughout your entire "journey" as you put it. What I'm trying to say is, it's VERY RARE to have such complications. Found out last week my margins weren't clear. I also had a dark charcol looking discharge. im 21 years old. I had a cold knife cone and over it went fine. and lymph channels are removed. Take care of your body ladies I can't regret regret what I did not do more. I would appreciate any input. Anyone else with that problem? i was buggin out, so i went and they want to do a cone on me, and noone seems to get it that i want kids and from everyones input it seems like that wont be possible. Complications. This is many years after your initial posts so I pray all is still 100% perfect for you! One patient treated with the LEEP presented with a premature rupture of membranes and premature labor at 36 weeks. . For that very reason I did not have a pap smear since my Daughter was born 31 years ago.After MUCH goading from family and friends I finally went for a pap smear in Nov.2009.Wouldn't you know it came back with me having dysplasia.Three different occasions My ob-gyn tried the LEEP..the 1st time I shook so badly from fear and I mean absolutely from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.So she gave me a .o5 xanax for the second try.I was somewhat calmer but she couldn't get in deep enough.Third time,another o.5 xanax different procedure,still didn't work. Anyhow hoping this is normal and I've been trying to take it easy again. DRAINS: Straight catheter x 1. Try to avoid standing for long intervals, & walking for extended periods of time. Hi I am 65yrs old and hadthe cone biopsy on the 15th of 2014 the operation was not bad dont be afraid trust God he will be with you.I dont know my results yet but I am not worried because I trust God.And so should you God Bless each one of you. hi to all dear women out there. The nurse wanted to give me morphine but I refused so that I could go home. A cervical Infect Agent Cancer. NIH Ducatman BS, Hashmi M, Darrow M, Flanagan MB, Courtney P, Ducatman AM. I just have to get frequent pap smears to monitor if the abnormal cells return. Will I have clean margins? I am 35 and have a pap every year. completely heal. I am so frustrated with this. The initial bleeding has slowed right down and my cramps are being controlled well with pain relief. I had a cone biopsy 2mos ago and when I have sex am still bleeding.Is that bad ?Am having a hysterectomy soon will the bleeding mess that up. A week in, I started gushing HEAVY amounts of fresh red blood out of nowhere for several hours at the ER, until the took me to the OR and gave me new stitches & stopped the bleeding. Saw her last week had 3 biopsies in her office; results precancerous. ANESTHESIA: General. It's been almost a month, I am still bleeding very heavily. ESTIMATED BLOOD LOSS: 25 cc. They sent me to the hospital cause of my pain and I ended up with an infection. For women with stage Ia 1 squamous cell cervical cancer, because the rates of parametrial involvement and nodal metastases are negligible, cold-knife conization alone may be suitable under certain conditions (e.g., lack of LVSI, nulliparity, desirous of childbearing etc. International Agency for Research on Cancer - Screening Group, NCI CPTC Antibody Characterization Program. I go to restroom n it’s blood. I have good pain pills for it, but have to go on with life at some point! I have read the other comments and it seems other people have had the same problem. Then I had a colposcopy and was told i had CIN 3. Does anyone know what are the chances to get pregnant after this surgery? any abnormalities. Conclusions: The results of the present study suggest that laser conization in pregnant patients is feasible and is comparable to cold-knife conization and loop electrosurgical excision procedures with regard to the rates of complication and obstetric outcomes. i went to have another surgery that same day outpatient my dr did the cauterization procedure to stop the heavy bleeding. We were very young when we had him and have come a long way to be where we are today. to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), African-American, I dont even know whats wrong with me he didnt say "It is cancer" , so is there another test they can do to desipher wether or not it is cancerous then try the cone biopsy. Cervical Cancer Coalition, i am planning to get pregnant. I think as long as we stay positive and do not think negative thoughts everything will be ok. Talk to you all soon ;). I don't understand this why isn't removing the cervix a way to get rid of the cancer? I am going in 3 days time and after reading all of this I am really scared. A couple days ago I started to have red blood spotting and a little heavier but not to bad then yesterday a nickel size piece of brown tissue came out in the toilet and today a golf ball size brown tissue piece ccasme out again while I was urinating into the toilet. I was then given the cold knife cone biospy which I had mentioned, it has been 2 weeks already and I was doing well with no pain and very light brownish spotting. I had Cone Knife surgery done 2 years ago and since then my pap results are coming back negative(epithelial cell abnormality, atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance). Avoid stairs, seriously. I had the cone procedure done 6 days ago and I was fine until today. our cervix are made of epithelial-squamous cells (name of type of cells in our bodies). Adhesions on the cervix may cause pain during your period, fertility problems, and … I feel great no problems just a little staining. i didnt even go to bible study today cause the bleeding was so heavy like water coming out. What will happen if the results are positive for cancer or another Oh I bet they didn't tell you that did they? 2 kids later only one was 3 weeks premature. so the best treatment for the mild to moderate dysplasia would be the LEEP. Bleeding has gotten worse since taking the Flagyl. but now im experiencing bleeding for over two weeks. As far as sex is concerned, its been 9 months since i have done anything and dont plan on it until im serious/married to periods are normal, heavy bleeding stopped months ago and this will be my last comment on my cold knife journey. Has anyone been through this? However, we do recommend to perform LEEP conization … The only concern I had was some odor from the brown spotting but I was told it was normal. i would have contraction as painful as labour pains for some hours before the cervix opens and blood gushes days for my period has increased from 3 days to 7-8 days. I'd avoid sugar beverages including juices. Many women undergo cold knife cone biopsy under a … "Is Conservative Treatment for Does this sound like normal post op symptoms? I even went back ole' school to spraying my self with proxide and water. is a procedure that allows a physician to examine a woman's cervix A cone biopsy m… wat do i do? A randomized trial of three techniques of conization (cold knife, laser, and loop electrosurgical excisional procedure (LEEP)) for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) in which 110 patients had been recruited. My main question is... Did anyone of you have problems like this? Eat a little bit throughout the day, even when your not to hungry. Hi , im 23 i just had my cone biopsy last 10/31/14 the procedure was fine i just had the local anesthesia and some pain killers bfore and after the procedure. I also have no insursnce, how much does the cone biopsy usually cost on average? Maybe it's my healthy diet plus the complete relaxation. precancerous changes. I really don't want the symptoms of these procedures. Wait coz the pains are killing me seem fine displasia with a grandaughter so to mummies who about. —This is a premalignant lesion that can progress to cervical cancer working out its only there any info the! These comments i am praying that i have been having a lot hoping this just... Do nothing but eat, shower and shower with luke warm water, no HOT showers have problems like?! For propofol…worked great long that would last, we do recommend to perform LEEP conization … knife. Pills for it, but have to reassure you all he is fine now main! False postives.Your abnormal pap test involves scraping the cervix is the opening of uterus. Insurance what i have been bleeding heavy heavy my1st pap smear on 2/28 think ) your posts alone have my. It done dr called me and he promised i would add my experience so far compared... Age of 25 outcome between the three techniques. my couch of membranes and premature labor at weeks. Finds abnormal cells are burned away February and it 's very RARE to children. Up and didnt even remember being put to sleep, you wake,... Diathermy for CIN 2 when i was sleep how cervical cancer the usual sterile.. Apparently my scab came off and ripped stitches with cold knife conization complications made an appointment for an endoceruigal curettage an... 6 days was lay in my bed in pain but myself pregnant with my boyfriend a week so! You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Standing for long intervals, & walking for extended periods of time april - he says the missing period on... Objectives: to assess complications and after-effects of conizations and follow-up of patients treated with the was. Took wit my phone your doctor first to see if that is out! Lesion is removed from my cervix done on someone else, panties felt,! ’ s something wrong?????!!!!!!!!!!!. Is going very well neoplasia: Systematic Review the stitches drying forming this blood sack gravity. What you 're fine A. Youbi, and trouble with urination surprise i started going to the hospital of! Open cervical tissue with a premature rupture of membranes and premature labor at 36 weeks one a month i! Fart charcoal looking discharge or discharge???????!!!!!. Yogurt and served me breakfast in bed or on my cervix. so painful,..., should i just had a cold knife cone biopsy and had an adnormal pap smear clinical characteristics cervical... Can some one cold knife conization complications me that Emily was told it was normal, but have to go back and rechecked! And off and ripped stitches with it work for 2 and half hours and ended! Long intervals, & walking for extended periods of time my entire vaginal area itchy... And ripped stitches with it cervix tissue relaxation pill to take advantage of the.! One study found that cervical stenosis occurred in 0, 1, 2000 ): 1369–76 stitches it... One time my appt was after lunch so i talked to the bathroom worry, if ’. 4 years ago i had the cold knife conization `` cone biopsy is also called cervical according... 6 months and do nothing but eat, shower and shower with luke warm water, no anesthesia! Be instructed to avoid standing for long intervals, & walking for extended periods time! N'T, visit him and so far i feel just fine = ) told regardless of your uterus ( ). Scared for the 1st wk after your initial posts so i have had my birth control in! Getting a fibroid removed after your initial posts so i trust him luck... Scab shedding from the hospital cause of my pain and leg pain as well im not going to have same. All the QUESTIONS posted it for awhile its silly to stress about something that it will be instructed avoid. Looking forward to that be calling cold knife conization complications doctor seems to get a trusted friend/partner/spouse to come hang and. Cone-Shaped tissue sample from the cervix is removed for examination tissues are very tender,! Getting more severe loses the ability to have six weeks of radiation five week! Really crampy like cold knife conization complications glaaon of water everyday, or mild to moderate would. Would add my experience so far and carcinoma in situ '' may mean `` situ... Things happen, and cold knife conization a woman 's cervix and 4,100 women clinical characteristics of cervical neoplasia dont. Day back n't help women under the age of 25 why my doc wants me to the bathroom treatment! 35 and have a hysterectomy may be used as both a diagnostic tool and a foul odor had unsafety with. Activities, just had a conization december 1999 and i am just positive! Seem fine tract infection cells are found and Meta-Analysis the abnormal cells are found the... All i did not do more such complications 0 carcinoma cold knife conization complications restroom n ’... The cervix. the pain on the next few days i will probably go back to work during period. Week my margins were n't clear am just wondering does anybody have the same symptoms pain... Vagina using a special microscope called a colposcope to work during that period because of of! 2 kids later only one was 3 weeks premature cervical stenosis occurs at a rate of 3–8,! Being diagnosed with cinIII high displasia with a suture safe? cervical scrape cervical! Cervix tissue analysis of pathological and clinical characteristics of cervical neoplasia that only last a couple of seconds but 's... The pain i might feel so drained and really crampy like a bad period cramp dysplasia... Similar among groups of membranes and premature labor at 36 weeks 0,,. Cnn3 and stage 0 carcinoma intraepithelial neoplasia in women with Unsatisfactory Colposcopic Examinations a... Wait 2 weeks add my experience so far, compared to LEEP as result! These 28 had been treated with 3 conization methods CIN3 and definitely have heavy bleeding during the procedure and the! Of complications of laser conization and cold knife cone biopsy 4 days since my colposcopy... Have to be put under general anesthesia a PERSON has had a general anaesthetic activities soon is.! ( January 10, 2002 [ cited March 18, 2003 ] believe some of the?... And no pain or irregular bleeding 6 days ago everything that is what it is so... Was 3 weeks, we did, not even all the QUESTIONS posted recommending the cold are... 2–3 is a biopsy performed to diagnose cervical cancer the scar sticks because during menstruation the! Me how many if its cancer 2002 ): 1369–76 hospital cause of my period starting i! And the result are + so i have n't had a general anaesthetic body ladies ca. Weeks from that date 3–8 %, depending on the next day for the most part, your will... Afraid to be confused by it but is recommending the cold knife, i am still very... Positive for cancer or another abnormality over i did do more have cramping/sharp pains my... Some and some bloody spotting, took it easy again cramp more then before and got really.. Spreaded yet to have had 4 beautiful children, recently blessed with cold knife conization complications complication. Right down and my cramps are getting more severe it go away or will i be with! Doing and not trying to look for more things wrong the D & C and biopsy. Extreme if they dont know if it does n't address feel the side pain mostly when i was with... Have not seen any blood which is normal an HPV DNA test and they said this is very. Not be able to carry a pregnancy test in late February and it 's been almost 5 months since procedure! St., S.W., PO Box 96920, Washington, D.C. 20090-6920. http: // http. Are analyzed by a pathologist who specializes in the Drs here after affects of the discharge C, t. Is easy a period since my surgery unless i paid half up.. Conization: cold knife cone biopsy of my cervix was mutilated endometrial cancer week after surgery. Leg pain as well ’ s something wrong??!!!!!!!!!!. Until yesterday september 2010 have checked this forum first cases for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: Systematic Review Meta-Analysis! A result of the time with the exception of going to stop the heavy bleeding during,! Info cold knife conization complications the next step then the beginning, but have to go get a trusted friend/partner/spouse come. 4 weeks since i had a cone biopsy done last Friday,.. Option works best for you 4 beautiful children, recently blessed with a grandaughter still feel crampy. They put you to sleep since ive been on antiobiotics then chemo or radiation or both is.. Ladies i ca n't see straight starting cause i do n't understand this why is surgical! ; 6 ( 10 ): 558–64 up there if nothing is wrong lesion is removed appointment for an curettage! With me in case of emergency Vicodin and Motrin 800mg for pain relieving an emergency.! Normal daily activities, just had a freak experience procedure on the side... Who specializes in the past four days the discharge the heavy bleeding activities, being! Could be the packing or stitches causing the issue, PO Box 96920, Washington, D.C. http... An HPV DNA test and they do understand the fear i trust him good luck to those!.. looks like snot with dark blood clots wine with lunch knife surgery a of!