One of those traditions (for some) is the cutting of the cake. Mini desserts. For some, it stands as a beautiful moment, but not for most. Each one can be graced with cake cutting ceremony. Understand to cut the cake meaning and … This vintage culinary trick is … photo by the fabulous Swoon Over It of Mindy and Mark’s wedding. Don’t forget the wedding cake topper, too! We use cookies on our website to improve your user experience while respecting your privacy. If you’re not a fan of how heavy cake can be, angel food cakes are great alternatives to wedding cake. Mini desserts. Maybe a shot of your signature drink, cake, cake pops, mini cupcakes, anything goes) to share with each other. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Share the dessert with each other and then have similar treats distributed amongst your guests. LIKE RECEIVING HELPFUL WEDDING PLANNING TIPS? If you don't have many guests, you can combine this ceremony with the receiving line. Oh, wedding cakes. Cake for Employee’s birthday If your ceremony is earlier in the day, why not forgo the traditional cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and serve cake and coffee immediately following the ceremony? 6 Alternatives to the Cake Cutting Ceremony, 5 Reasons to Forgo a Wedding Cake and Opt for Something Else, 7 Alternatives to Dancing at a Wedding Reception, … It works like a charm. receptions wedding cake tradition Join over 350+ couples who are receiving tips, stories, freebies, and more from DPNAK Events. Of course, you can borrow them from your caterer instead of buying, but nice utensils that you used for the cake cutting ceremony will be a good reminder of your … Ok, so let’s stick with the idea of sharing a gift with each other and then your guests. "One of our favorite alternatives to the cake is a champagne tower," Valerie Gernhauser, owner and principal planner and designer at Sapphire Events, tells Bustle. The cake will be send to you at your door step. Take a look at this helpful guide for all things wedding cake. It’s much lighter and airier. By continuing to use our site you are giving your consent for us to use cookies. Category: Wedding Materials. Choose a keepsake knife and spatula. . Cake cutting alternative: Cheers to the new couple. It is a really fun activity that will brighten up your wedding and make it more memorable. If you're opting for a non-cake alternative for your wedding dessert, you might be thinking, "but how will we do a cake-cutting photo?!" You can choose any piñata shape (what do you think of a wedding cake shaped piñata?) . Planting a tree. If you continue to use this site, it's assumed that you are happy with that fact. Since this is a savory option, not sweet, you might want to speak with a baker about a traditional cake for the cake cutting ceremony. Smashing plates symbolizes the end of the bride and groom's old lives and the beginning of a new life together as a married couple. There will be a lot of toasts at your wedding, but you can make this one special. The Alternatives For a perfect nod to this custom, choose any activity that involves you, your partner and some food or drink. Salman Khan and his niece Ayat Sharma’s joint birthday celebration on Sunday was a rather low-key affair with just a cake cutting ceremony and close … Pull a Lady and the Tramp-style move (you know, sharing the spaghetti?) Tree planting is a really touching ceremony that symbolizes the joining together of two individuals and creating a family. Then, with the help of your caterers or some great friends, those same treats are distributed amongst your guests to all share together. Guam Guard Holds Alternative Celebrations Due to COVID-19 ... it was the Army's turn with a 384th National Guard birthday cake-cutting ceremony and holiday meal grab-and-go for the troops. The couple lock a custom-made padlock (often heart-shaped) or a pair of locks on a single chain on a bridge or the so-called infinity tree. and the Corps’ Cheers to the couple. Keep reading for 20 wedding cake alternatives, from crepe cakes to s'mores bars. Fear not, there are awesome options. Like the wedding dress, wedding cake has a special meaning in a wedding ceremony. The Marine Corp’s birthday cake-cutting ceremony is important to all Marines, as it is an annual renewal of each Marine’s commitment to the Corps . Then, when the cake is distributed to your community/guests, some are too busy tearing it up on the dance floor to have any. Cheese wheel wedding cake. Win-win, right? Plate breaking is an old Greek custom that is not very common any longer in its country of origin, but some Western couples decide to adopt the tradition. I can already see the endless possibilities with this unique wedding cake alternative. Everyone has their own opinions on this ceremony – as they should –  and for the case of this post, I’m going to assume that you do not necessarily feel it’s something you’d like to do. Layer cake with frosting, and top your desserts with fresh berries for a beautiful display. and fill it with small favors for your guests like small toys and candies for the kids, mini bottles of alcohol and lottery tickets for the adults, etc. Thus the couple will get a chance to say hello to each of the guests. When the knife in both hands slowly began to slice, sensai emotional feelings of happiness to meet the bride, family, relatives and invitations. Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. 2. The key is usually thrown away so the lock can never be unlocked. When it comes to wedding cake etiquette, there's no rulebook that says you have to serve an extravagant five-tiered wedding cake. Cutting the wedding cake is one of the longest enduring and most famous wedding traditions. It would stick to the tradition of sharing your gift, but eliminate the need to cut a random cake later in the night. Select from premium Cake Cutting Ceremony of the highest quality. I like thinking up creative ways to evolve the wedding traditions of yesteryear and bring them into the world of today. You can now send corporate cake too. The sweet treat everyone anticipates at the end of a joyous day, the delectable finish to a special day. The cake was the first item presented to the groom from the bride (and vice versa) and then the gift was shared with the community. Instead of cutting a cake you can ask your caterer to bring out two small pieces of dessert. Thankfully, that's where cutting cakes come in. Mini parfaits are such a sweet alternative to a tall, tiered cake. Granted, this isn’t even a sweet option, so you may still want to chat with a baker about a traditional cake for your cake cutting ceremony. As weddings become more personalised, more brides and grooms are customizing their cake, leading to the rise of the non-cake trend. Millefoglie is a traditional Italian wedding dessert, with layers of custard cream, puff pastry, and fresh fruit. These pretty little tunes can be used at any time on your wedding day - they're wedding ceremony songs, first dance wedding songs and everything in … Quick tip for cutting the cake: Run the knife under hot water, dry it off, and then cut the cake. Savoury for Sweet. I like thinking up creative ways to evolve the wedding traditions of yesteryear and bring them into the world of today. There are a lot of mini desserts to choose from: mini cakes, cupcakes, shot glass desserts, cake pops, macarons, meringues, cannoli, etc. However, you may need to re-heat the knife a few times while slicing the whole cake. When cutting the cake, keep in mind the standard size of a piece of cake is 1 inch by 2 inches. 30 of 33 The cake-cutting tradition is one of the most iconic moments of any wedding day. When it comes to choosing a cake for the cutting ceremony, brides and grooms shouldn't feel confined to a traditional white tiered confection. If you don’t want a traditional tiered wedding cake, don’t worry.There are plenty of wedding cake alternatives out there – you’re bound to find something to suit your style.. Once you’ve found an amazing wedding cake alternative, browse our wedding cake knives to find the perfect personalised knife to cut it up with.. Savoury Wedding Cake Alternatives It can be a birthday of employee or a 50 years completion of office establishment. Stack several cheeses just like you would stack a wedding cake and decorate with a selection of fruits or flowers, and you have your cheese wedding cake to go. What if… During your ceremony, after your vows, I-Do’s, and the final kiss, you brought out two small pieces of dessert (this can be anything, not just dessert. You plant a small seedling that will grow into a beautiful tree just like your love for each other will grow stronger each year of your marriage. Over time, I feel that the art of “sharing” the gift has turned into more of a way to publicly humiliate your other half by shoving cake up their nose and into their hair. Wedding Cake 101: An Introduction to Wedding Cakes on Bridestory blog.